Sunday, November 03, 2013

Civil Engineering Toolbox for iPad

Civil Engineering Toolbox is a revolutionary way to perform simple and some not-so-simple, structural engineering calculations using iPad. It is not about solving complex math but rather about understanding and conceptually decoupling the fundamental steps of structural engineering: (a) define the structural system, (b) define the loading patterns acting on the structure, (c) select material properties from a database, (d) select sections from a database, (e) check the developed stresses, the displacements and the associated cost. If acceptable, that’s fine; if not, the user needs to think carefully which one of (a)-(d) need to be modified to get the optimum balance between safety factor and cost. In case it is needed, a photo can be captured on site and the entire calculation package can be sent to the office computer by e-mail together with the exact GPS location of the site.

With Civil Engineering Toolbox, the engineer can perform the following tasks:
-Design a reinforced concrete beam in flexure [required reinforcement and associated cost]
-Solve a simply supported slab [for various supports and loads, according to Czerny method]
-Solve a straight, simply supported beam [for various supports and loads]
-Solve a one bay frame [for various supports and loads]
-Solve a continuous beam and plot deflections, bending moments and shear forces [for various number of spans, supports and uniform/non-uniform loads]
-Manage the Material Properties Library [reinforced concrete and steel materials]
-Manage the Structural Section Library [Rectangular R/C sections & IPE, HEA, HEB, IPN steel sections]
-Report generation and e-mail export (inclusive of results, photo and GPS location]

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